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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Interview with Zuki Turner- Art editor "hoping around all over London!"

I had a lovely opportunity interviewing Zuki Turner, an Art Editor who has worked for magazines such as COMPANY and Elle, for my Gold Arts Awards and I thought that I'd share it with you guys!

Zuki Turner
Source: Company Magazine

What do you do?
"At the moment I am a Freelance Art Editor, which means I spend a few weeks at a time at various magazines producing layouts and visuals for the magazines themselves, as well as digital editions and online."

Where are you based?

"Today I am working at Elle Magazine, which is part of Hearst who are based in Soho. Next week I will be freelancing at Marie Claire who are part of the Time Inc group in Southwark. So at the moment I'm not really based anywhere, I am hopping around all over London! But before I went freelance (today is actually my first day of freelance life) I was Art Editor of Company Magazine, in Soho."

What was your very first experience in the art/fashion industry?

"I studied Fashion at The Arts Institute, Bournemouth but my first real taste of the fashion world was when I dressed models backstage for London Fashion Week in my final year of Uni. Coming up to London, seeing the clothes and models in real life and all of the behind the scenes action was a real eye opener."

Apart from being an Art Editor in Company Magazine, what roles or jobs have you done/currently doing?

"Previous to working as a freelancer and at Company, I have been Art Editor at a number of magazines. I was the Art Editor at a magazine called Dare, which is Superdrug's in house mag. I worked on a fashion and travel website called Beach Tomato. I have also worked as Art editor on fashion and lifestyle magazines called Recognise and Anglomania. One of the strangest (but funnest) jobs I have was working for the World Heavyweight Champion Boxer David Haye. I used to produce a magazine for David which was all made from his gym while he prepared for his fights. We got to do shoots with some amazing characters such as Ricky Gervais, Usain Bolt and Justin Beiber, it was so much fun."

How did you get to where you are now?

"I didn't study graphic design so it's funny I ended up doing what I do now. I studied fashion and originally wanted to be a fashion journalist, so for my final project in Uni I created a book. I got really carried away designing the book as well as writing it and found the visuals just as exciting as the words.
Then I started out by assisting a Fashion Editor called Cleo Davis on an Asian fashion magazine called 'Asian Woman'. I used to go along to shoots and help with the clothes and general things on the shoots and one day I gave Cleo a copy of the book I had made at Uni. She told me there was a junior graphic designer position going at Asian Woman and that I should try for it and a few weeks later I had landed my first job! Not that I really knew what I was doing, I learnt almost everything on the job!"
Source: Company Magazine

What’s your typical schedule at work? Do you like your work?

"I love what I do, however, as it's my first day of freelancing I am yet to figure it out completely! Freelancing is hard because you are always the 'new girl' and can't really get settled anywhere unless you have been booked for a long stint. The best thing about freelancing is that you get to work on lots of different magazines, which is not only great for your portfolio, but also allows you to really get an insight to the places you might potentially like to work full-time at. It's a bit like trying a dress on before actually committing to buying it! There isn't really a set schedule being a freelancer either, everyday and every job is different!"

How and where do you get your inspiration from?

"Pinterest/instagram/tumblr etc. Although I work in magazines I am actually really bad at buying them! I love looking online for inspo.. I can't go a day without looking at Instagram or pinterest!
And about Japan... I just think it looks like an incredible place. The food/fashion/people/architecture. I love it all. Hopefully 2015 will be the year I get to go!!"

Any tips for aspiring designers?

"I think getting your foot in the door is probably the hardest thing. Once you have landed your first job, the pressure is off and it is soooo much easier to find other work! The best advice I could give would be to say yes to every opportunity! Be it on a professional or social level. If you embrace every possibility you never know what it might lead to. Some of my favourite jobs have been a result of going out, meeting the right people, all whilst having fun. That definitely beats a night in front of the sofa! Also treat everyone how you would expect to be treated. You never know, that intern that you talked down to once could wind up being your future employer, so always be NICE! People will remember and respect you for it. And just make sure you try to enjoy everything you do. Life's too short to waste on work you don't love."

Sorry for the one-way-conversation type questions! It wasn't really a face to face type of thing but I would seriously love to meet a woman with a cool job like hers (she met Haye and Bolt for crying out loud!). And I seriously agree with the magazine thing, I love 'em but online inspiration is just more convinient? <3 Anyways, It was really nice of Zuki to spend some time in answering my questions, which btw will so help me a LOT with my GAA. Hope this gave you guys an insight to an Art Editor's job and found her tips helpful! (I know I did)

Friday, 5 September 2014

My Current Wishlist

My Current Wishlist

I have a confession to make... I have an obsession with Tumblr and it's trends (i.e. fashion, "food", etc...). Also, I just recently found out that I'm 47% hipster at heart (Yes, the struggle is real.) . Oh Tumblr and your awesome content! I've been recently obsessing over brands like American Apparel and Unif. I don't own any items by them just yet, BUT! I am planning to do a haul later in the year (or maybe next year due to the shops' prices). I don't know guys, call me crazy for spending £30 on a basic, white shirt but I just LOVE it! Plus, there's a lot of good review about quality as well... so yeah... (that's my excuse).

Sunday, 24 August 2014

MINI HAUL! New things from Steve Madden + RIver Island!

Ok, I know I just posted a Haul blog post/Video BUT I Just can't resist! I was thinking of just putting this new stuff in a collective autumn/back to school (college) haul but I was just so excited to show it to you guys! Here are just a few new things that my uncle, dad and grandfather treated me to! (Yes, I am BLESSED!)

First off, these new stuff from Steve Madden. I actually got them from TK Maxx (Big Labels Small Prices right?) and I seriously am in love with them! I've been using the backpack recently, especially when I'm travelling far, and it's been really handy since it's both fashionable and convenient! What really made me fell in love with this bag? Not only is it (faux) leather, it also had this really cool clasp! I really like the earthy texture to it.

Steve Madden Leather Backpack - £29.99

Next up... Some wedge trainers! Chunky shoes won't be going away this autumn/winter season so don't put 'em at the back of your closets yet! I really like how the shoes looks sporty/casual and tough while the wedge adds a glam vibe to it.

Steve Madden Leather Wedged Trainers - £29.99

More chunky shoes! I've been wanting myself some chelsea boots for a long looong time now and now, I have them! These are seriously one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I have (It's friggin' cushioned guys!) It's definitely worth it. This platform chealsea boots from River Island is something that every short girl (i.e. myself) should have in their shoe collection!

I hope you enjoyed this guys! I'm really excited for the autumn/winter season. Oh, and what's your favorite trends for the upcoming season? Comment down below :D

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Back to Basics

Chilled and laid back -- that has been my go-to style this late summer. I've been buying and sticking to a lot of basics and just being lazy with my outfits. BUT! Lazy doesn't have to look boring; lazy can look nice and polished or tough and cool. You just have to find versitile statement pieces that can go with anything so you don't have to think too much about the outfit that you're going to wear.

basic outfit

I've been OBSESSED with my choker necklaces (yes, I am soo late with the trend but who cares right? XD) I'm planning to buy gold choker jewellery for those fancier events because I really really love them! They just make an outfit look tougher and interesting (and yes, a bit goth/grunge). I actually thought chokers were'nt going to suit me because I was afraid of my neck looking too short with them but they still looked nice! They're an easy way to amp up your outfit.

black and white

I think that a denim jacket is a really versitle item that can go with anything. I chose to wear my black denim jacket to stay with the main theme colours (black-gold-white).

denim jacket

Trainers-Convers | Denim Jacket- Guess | Leggings-Zara | Choker-Topshop

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Summer Haul 2014: Brandy Melville, Topshop, River Island and more!

Hey guys! I made a Try-on Summer haul video on my Youtube channel (here) So please take a look at it to see all of the items I bought! This blog post is kind of just a teaser for the video so I''ll just be posting a few stuff :).

Ok so first, This shorts are from Topshop and it's just this acid wash jeans shorts. I really like the acid wash effect, the colour and the ripped part at the bottom.

Topshop // £30

I bought this crop top at Brandy Melville. It was actually my first time in the store because there's not much BM in England (I went to the one in Carnaby street). As you can see from the picture, the back of the top has a cut out detailing to it which I really like! I love pairing it with my Romwe batwing shirt or my Cheap Monday muscle tee which you can both see on my haul video :D (So definitely check it out!)

This top is from River Island and this is actually something that I'll be wearing over the fall. I think paring it with a dark red or oxblood bottom will compliment the black and gold detailing on the shirt.

River Island // £18

That's it for the blog post! I've put most of my haul stuff on the video so that's why the post is short (I really want to promote my YT channel because it's just starting out so I hope you guys'll understand!).

BTW, who's excited for autumn?(me!me!me!me!) I'm actually starting an Autumn collective haul (yep, #shopaholicmuch) so look out for it :D.

Have a nice day guys! x